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About First Coffee: Our Story

Welcome to our website! We are First Coffee, a family-owned business from Edmonton, Alberta. We are Canadians born in Ethiopia, and we are here to share our coffee knowledge and some of the best coffee and spices on the market. Since Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, there’s a rich and long history of outstanding coffee products coming from the region. It’s also the reason why our business is First Coffee! Aside from that, Ethiopia is also known for its extensive array of amazing spices!

We created First Coffee with the idea of bringing our customers the best coffee from Ethiopia. Our families were in the coffee business since the 1960s. We’ve always been passionate about enjoying great coffee and sharing it with people from all over the world. We grew up enjoying fresh, smooth, and delicious hand-roasted coffee. We had the privilege of making coffee for our families, neighbors & our community on so many occasions. Now we are here to share our passion, story, and, most notably, our fresh renowned single-origin roasted coffee from Ethiopia.

Why Ethiopian Coffee?

As the story goes, in 6th Century Ethiopia, a goat herder named Kaldi observed his wandering flock as they tested berries. Kaldi’s goats were energetic and happy. The observer he was, Kaldi noticed that the berries were the reason for the happy goats. As they say, the rest is history. Today the Coffee Arabica, which originated from Ethiopia, is well known throughout the globe. This stimulating drink makes the world runs. Ethiopia’s extremely unique fruity, distinct tastes and flavors make it the most demanded coffee type globally. Ethiopian coffees such as Yirgacheffe, Sidama, Limu, Guji, and Harar are very high-quality coffee beans with the highest reputation in the world of coffee lovers.

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What makes our coffee unique?

First Coffee comes with an extensive background in Ethiopian coffee. We provide single-origin Ethiopian coffee, and we never mix or blend coffees. On top of that, we have direct access from Ethiopia, which means you get high-quality, natural coffee from there. We are specialised in small-batch roasting, and thanks to us, you only get freshly roasted coffee. We use Air Canada in order to get fresh coffee directly from Ethiopia to Canada via air cargo. You’re always getting fresh coffee whenever you buy from us, and your coffee-drinking experience will be rich, aromatic, and just fantastic every time!

Our mission is simple: We want Coffee & Spice Lovers to have access to genuinely fresh Ethiopian roasted coffee and authentic healthy spices. And we want to become your First choice for the freshest and most renowned coffee in the world and Ethiopian spices hub. 

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Why should you choose our spices? 

Each one of our spices will be prepared by people with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Our supply chain management carefully design and consulted with experts to secure high quality and healthy spices. On top of that, we will only work on small batches to ensure the best value and quality on the market. Besides, all our spices are fresh, and we can even provide customised spice options. We will have experts to guide you through our collection and to provide a customised spice blend options that suits your taste. Stay tune more collections are coming up soon.

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Our roasting centre from Addis Ababa provides various coffee roasts, including Harar, Guji, Limu, Sidama, Yirgacheffe, and others. Our line of spices include Spiced Tea, Shiro Powder, Berbere, Mitmita, and more. With our help, you always get to enjoy some of the most impressive coffee and spices sourced directly from Ethiopia. If you’re looking for natural, very high-quality products, don’t hesitate and give us a try today, we guarantee you will have a fantastic experience!

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