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Why do you roast coffee in small batches?

F1RST COFFEE greatly values your choice of coffee roast, hence we roast in small batches tailored to match your order. We carry a range of light, medium, and dark roast coffees. We believe our valued customers should enjoy our freshest coffee intact with all the amazing flavours. We are proud to announce that our coffee is selectively hand picked, hand washed, sun-dried, and perfectly roasted in small batches in Ethiopia.

Where is your Ethiopian coffee roasted?

F1RST COFFEE has a deep knowledge of coffee roasting, and we roast our coffee in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We buy the best export standard coffee beans from well know family-owned small-scale coffee farmers directly via Ethiopian Commodity Exchange. Our Master Roasters have many years of experience and will artfully roast the beautiful Ethiopian coffee as per your type of roast. The roasted coffee then reaches our valued customer in no time! All our shipments are via air, hence within 16-48hrs, you will receive your amazing coffee. This is why our coffee is always fresh.

Why is it important to roast coffee in Ethiopia?

We bring you the freshest roasted coffee directly from the origin. We believe in the freshness of our roasted coffee. This first-grade premium quality roasted coffee is transported directly to Canada and USA via airlines. By doing so, F1RSTCOFFEE has reduced the amount of time the coffee bean would have lingered in transit (ship) before it reaches the roasters in USA/Canada and finally to the consumer. 

What is F1RST COFFEE supply chain management method?

F1RST COFFEE applies a unique concept of Origin Trading. We source the highest quality whole bean from small-scale farmers, local co-operatives carefully wash the coffee beans, and creatively roast and pack your coffee in the land of coffee origin – Ethiopia. By adding value at the origin of the supply chain, we believe the freshness of our high-quality coffee is well-preserved.  This In-House Origin Trading helps small farmers and cooperatives to produce the best quality coffee in return. Our coffees are grown by the most passionate and devoted small-scale farmers. At F1RST COFFEE we proud ourselves to ethically source our coffees via direct trade with farmers and cooperatives through Ethiopian Commodity Exchange.   We are originally from Ethiopia and some of our families are small-scale farmers.  We understand their passion and hard work they put toward each bag of coffee. Therefore, we at F1RST COFFEE are committed to echo their hard work.  Many studies show, exporting value-added products from the origin changes the livelihoods of subsistence coffee farmers in developing countries. 

How long will my order take?

F1RST COFFEE master roaster roast and pack your unique order within 18hours. You will then receive this gift of ours within 3 - 5 business days. 

For additional information or if you have any questions you can reach us at