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Dear Coffee Lovers

Our mission is simple: We want you, Coffee Lovers to have access to truly fresh Ethiopian roasted coffee and we want to become your F1rst choice for the freshest and most renowned coffee in the world.

We are Ethiopian-origin Canadians who live in Alberta, Canada. Our passion for coffee is inspired by our family’s long history of coffee business in Ethiopia. Since the 1960s, they have printed their legacy in amazing art of coffee at every stage of the production, from harvest to processing to the final enjoyable cup of coffee.

We grew up enjoying fresh, smooth and scrumptious hand roasted coffee. We had the privilege of making coffee for our families, neighbours & our community on so many occasions.

Now we are here to share with you our passion, our story and most importantly our fresh renowned single origin roasted coffee from Ethiopia.

We bring you the freshest roasted coffee directly from the origin. We believe in the freshness of our roasted coffee. We are proud to announce that our coffee is hand picked, hand washed, sun-dried and perfectly roasted in small batches in Ethiopia. This first-grade premium quality roasted coffee is transported directly to Canada and USA via airlines. By doing so, we at F1RSTCOFFEE have reduced the amount of time the coffee bean would have lingered in transit (ship) before it reaches the roasters in USA/Canada then to the consumer.

Hence, when you drink F1RSTCOFFEE you certainly enjoy the freshest coffee.

For additional information or if you have any questions you can reach us at