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Berbere Spice (Ethiopian Spice Blend)

$9.99 CAD


Never settle for grocery-grade Berbere again. Feel the authentic qualities of the fiery hot spice right from the comfort of your own kitchen.

As an integral ingredient in Ethiopian cuisine, our blend of Berbere will take your tastebuds on a journey filled with flavour, heat, and tradition.

Why Berbere?

Why should you add Berbere to your kitchen?

  • Berbere is a wonderful all-purpose seasoning! Whether you’re planning on using it as a fantastic rub for meat, poultry, and fish or seasoning for stews, soup, grains, and vegetables, Berbere will add the fiery flavour you’re looking for.
  • Achieve the authentic flavour of each ingredient. Our Berbere is made and produced by owners originally from Ethiopia. We'll ensure you’ll experience the striking qualities and maximum flavour of the spice.
  • Made from a combination of quality ingredients. Some of the ingredients in Berbere are challenging to find in a local store. To make sure you get the best blend, we’ve personally selected the best ingredients to make the spice. See the ingredients tab for a complete list of spices and seasonings used in our Ethiopian Berbere spice blend.
  • Flavours using organic ingredients. Level up your daily cooking sessions with a spice free from nasty ingredients and artificial flavourings.


Ingredients: Cayenne pepper, Salt, Garlic, Black seeds, Carom seed, Basil, Cardamon, Lippia abyssinica (koseret), Ginger, Rosemary & Mekelesha (Blend of spices)

Invite generations of tradition right at your home and order our Berbere today! The authentic flavour of the spice will make you feel like you’ve travelled to Ethiopia yourself.