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Chickpea Flour Spice from Ethiopia

Ethiopian Shiro Powder (Chickpea Flour)

$6.99 CAD

Ethiopian Shiro Powder

Taste the original Ethiopian staple and introduce the authentic qualities of this spice to your tastebuds. 

Too delicious to be tiring, our Shiro will take away the laborious and complex process of making the traditional mix from your hands.

Why Shiro Powder? 

Why should you add Ethiopian Shiro Powder to your kitchen?

  • A perfect vegetarian companion. Considered as the king of all legume dishes, Shiro is one that stands out from the growing selections of vegetarians all over the world.
  • Achieve the authentic flavour of each ingredient. With the Shiro made and produced by owners who are originally from Ethiopia, you’ll experience its striking qualities and maximum flavours.
  • Made from a combination of quality ingredients. Some of the ingredients in Shiro are challenging to find in a local store. To make sure you get the best blend, we’ve personally selected the best ingredients to make the spice.
  • Flavours using organic ingredients. Level up your daily cooking sessions with a spice free from nasty ingredients and artificial flavourings.


Ingredients: Yellow Pea, Chickpea, Garlic, Carom seed, Salt, Cardamom, Basil, Lippia abyssinica (koseret), Rosemary, Cayenne pepper & Ginger

Invite generations of tradition right at your home and order our Shiro Powder today! The authentic flavour of the spice will make you feel like you’ve travelled to Ethiopia yourself.