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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee: Whole Bean Roasted

$24.50 CAD

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Yirgacheffe, a small but famous coffee region in Ethiopia considered as one of the regions that make Ethiopia outperform other coffee origins around the world.

Join the millions of people enjoying Ethiopia’s most renowned coffee. Start your morning (or evening) grinds with a jovial cup of this bright beverage offering a vibrant finish.

Increase your energy and liveliness any time of the day with our Yirgacheffe Coffee. Grown, harvested, and processed in the small southern Ethiopian region, you’ll taste the natural and authentic flavour of the coffee, cup after cup.

Why Yirgacheffe Coffee?

How does it satisfy your craving for good-tasting coffee?

  • No other beans have the same taste as Yirgacheffe. Experience a mellow coffee with a mild body as you indulge yourself in gustatory notes from berries, nuts, chocolate, lemon, and wine. The bright and beautiful taste profile of this coffee makes it ideal for both hot and cold brews.
  • Harvested without agricultural chemicals! The ideal climate of the region allows Yirgacheffe beans to thrive without the use of any harmful fertilizers. With this in mind, each bean is considered green and organic.
  • Experience the distinct Yirgacheffe flavour in three different ways! Get this freshly roasted coffee in light, medium, or dark roast and reveal its rich aroma and flavour just the way you like them. The best part, you can use the coffee for espresso, French press, filtered, and other methods of brewing.
  • Processed to achieve a more consistent flavour. Yirgacheffe beans are handpicked, wet-processed, and dried on rotating beds for 48 - 72 hours, resulting in an unchanging bright clean taste.
  • Brimming with freshness! Each bag contains coffee beans that are freshly roasted at our state-of-the-art roasting center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Shipping our coffee exclusively through air allows us to bring you the best-roasted coffee without losing its distinct flavour.

Coffee from Ethiopia

Experience a delightful cup of beverage straight from the birthplace of coffee and Ethiopian coffee tradition. Our single-origin premium coffee stands out from the rest as we are originally from Ethiopia and understand quality beans from its regions.

 Order a fresh batch of Yirgacheffe Coffee today and enjoy a cup of one of the most popular types of coffee in the world. Get lost in its light-bodied flavour and delicious aroma, making it a perfect beverage choice.